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I’ve been waiting for the BAFTA red carpet dresses with bated breath. You may have gathered that I was disappointed with the Golden Globes and the SAG’s so am pinning my hopes on the Brits knocking it out of the fashion park. Its baltic here in London so fair play to the Hollywoods types for doing it northern style and dressing for hyperthermia. I am wearing 3 tops and am sitting in front of the fire and still feel like I am in the Tundra. 

Courtesy of Grazia I have seen some of the dresses and been able to grab some pics and the good news is that there are a few so far that I am liking:

Tilda Swinton rarely disappoints and I am loving this Celine dress for it’s cut and simplicity.  

Ferne Cotton - I know, Ferne Cotton but I do really like this Moschino dress on her and I like how she has styled it up.

Bonnie Wright - I love this, I think that she looks great in vintage and the red lips look are fab. However, red carpet dressing this is not.

Gillian Anderson - I don’t know who she is wearing, could it be vintage? Could this be a case for Mulder and Scully (sorry, I couldn’t resist) Either way she looks great

That’s just a preview - I need MORE, MORE I tell you