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I have nothing to fear but my lack of genius

Cello playing giant bees and other animals

On Friday I had the day off work (whoop) and so treated myself to a bit of fantasy in the shape of the Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House. I was a little perturbed on route to discover that it wasn’t just the fantastic photography that would be on display but also a number of the props including a 20 foot ringleted sinister doll. For a normal person this might be a stretch but with my phobia of all things that look human and aren’t this was going to be a challenge for me. Luckily my good chum Busy Girl was on hand to administer smelling salts or CRP if necessary…

Take a look at the evidence

However, far from being a fright the exhibition was amazing, the photography was dreamlike, nightmarish and spectacular in equal measures. I highly recommend a visit

I definitely saw the dolls eye move though…


Lately I have been walking a lot (a lot more than I have been blogging it seems) My walks have been delightful and have been taking me down through Bond Street. I just need to make it clear here that, I am, actually walking from my place of work to Victoria and not just trying to spin shopping trips as walks so as to purge myself of guild related to lack of genuine exercise and an over flexing of my purchase muscles… 

Anyway whilst walking down bond street I was stopped in my tracks outside Louis Vuitton. It’s not that unusual that a shop can stop me dead in my tracks but what I was looking at was a little more unusual for a shop window in the eye catching stakes. See for yourself, a bonafide art installation which is a collaboration between Marc Jacobs for LV and the Japanese artist Kusama. See the amazing flowers that look like eyes, that’s if you are looking at eyes through a kaleidoscope, Kusama herself captured for posterity as an uncannily lifelike model (difficult picture to take for a woman who has a morbid fear of waxwork dummies) and the mini Kusama’s which would look good on my book shelves


as if all this wasn’t enough, I learned today, courtesy of Grazia, that the collaboration extends itself far further than just the window displays, as of they weren’t enough. There are scarves, bags, shoes, dresses and trench coats…oh my… scarves, bags, shoes, dresses and trench coats oh my. I particularly LOVE the bags and have started to think of them in the most lustful ways, pondering what I would have to give up (food) or sell (kidney?) to make one of them mine. It’s the green waves pattern that I have my eye on, I can’t find a picture of the bag but here is a wallet in the same pattern. What do you think?

Good old Selfridges will be hosting the full collection  in their wonder rooms… Wonderful. Taxi, Selfridges please…

Smile or you will crack the camera…

…and other things my mother used to say to me… ”If the wind changes your face will set like that”. Lets hope that there is no wind today then because sometimes old adages can actually come true. A short time after taking this photo the camera that it was taken with has mysteriously broken!!

Believe it or not I am very happy today but my face would tell you another very different  story. I look more than mildly disgruntled, It’s like my (fictional) dog ate my (fictional) budgie, sicked it back up popped it in the microwave and served it to me with a side of beetroot a sprinkling of parsley and a gun to my head. The intense frown line is also not helping matters, you could park a bike in it.

I am on a train to Manchester going to see the Stone Roses and this is why I am happy and not mourning the loss of a fictional bird that I was forced to eat by a fictional dog - enough of that. I intend to turn back the clock to 1989 this weekend which means that I will have a more sunny and optimistic disposition than I have now and will still feel like the whorl is my oyster rather than my jellyfish, I will have a terrible perm (WHY didn’t anyone tell me) high waisted jeans, DM boots and better skin… perhaps 1989 wasn’t all bad

This one is no less sinister

This one is no less sinister

I don’t know what this is but I am terrified of it

I don’t know what this is but I am terrified of it

Nice hair, shame about the photographer.

Nice hair, shame about the photographer.

Queenies Jubilee

I have just watched two programs on the queen,fancy that. She is all over the box at the moment as it’s her big party this weekend and we (the peoples) have all got an invite, whoop, I love a party or two. It’s really nice to see her children and grandchildren talk about her so warmly and fondly, this is a side of the queen that we don’t get to hear about as much.

What I most appreciated however was the spectacular display of jewels she wore at official functions over the years. For I am a person who very much enjoys a jewel or two, although mine are hardly a match for queens. Perhaps she might like to do swaps? I will tweet her.

My contribution to the jubilee, aside from eating cakes decorated in red, white and blue, which I fully intend to do this weekend, are the following photo’s. Said photo’s have both featured on this blog before but a girls only got so many pictures of the queen.

The nation seems ready to party and London is bedecked splendidly with union jack bunting, so let the celebrations commence. Cheers your Madge

this woman’s father put his hand inside a dead squirrel & pretended that it was a glove puppet

I recently discovered The Blogess  (Jenny Lawson) through her snort out loud funny book: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. If you have the time and the inclination I highly recommend that you read it. Warning: do not read if you are on the tube, not wearing tenaladies, are a vegetarian, have general issues with taxidermy, are easily offended or have a weak heart. If none of the above applies - what are you waiting for - go and buy it!

On a beautiful sunny day like today i’d be inclined to agree

On a beautiful sunny day like today i’d be inclined to agree

Sun, shoes and a whopping great plate of meat

I had a couple of days off work last week and luckily enough they were the best days of the year so far weather wise. The big orb was in the sky and it’s rays were shooting out warmth and happiness. On Thursday I decided to take myself off to the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum. This was actually my first trip to the design museum and I enjoyed a lovely stroll down the south bank to get there.

I enjoyed the exhibition, it’s not the best that I have been to as I thought that it could have been bigger with more shoes, I mean one can never have enough shoes. However, I particularly liked the recreation of Louboutin’s office and thought that the Dita Von Teese hologram was really impressive if a little bit scary. This is coming from a woman with a fear of things that are supposed to represent humans but aren’t actually humans. This mainly means that I have a fear of wax work dummies but the hologram definitely falls into this category too. If you are interested in hearing more straight from the mouth of the man with the most fabulous shoes click here for an exclusive interview with Christian Louboutin by Grazia’s Paula Reed

After all of the shoes I needed to eat, it’s hard work looking at beautiful things. So I trotted off to spoil myself rotten with a plate full of meat. The waiter assured me that it wasn’t big, I have never heard a man underestimate in that way before, so I was rather taken aback by what was put in front of me. Take a look at this and understand why I got some very, very curious stares. It was delicious though and I had cheese too shhhh it’s our secret.

I needed to walk this off and so I tripped gaily along the south bank to the Tate Modern to have a look at their permanent exhibitions, I grew tired of cubism and teenagers (there was a lot of both) and so sat on the grass enjoying the fabulous wok of art called the sun. Bliss.